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Kirschner retractors, also known as K-wires or Kirschner wires, are a type of surgical instrument used to hold tissue or bone in place during surgical procedures. They are named after their inventor, Martin Kirschner, a German surgeon who developed the technique in the early 20th century.

Kirschner retractors consist of thin, straight wires that are typically made of stainless steel or titanium. They are inserted through the tissue or bone and then bent to hold the tissue or bone in the desired position. They can be used for a variety of surgical procedures, including orthopedic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.

Kirschner retractors are commonly used in orthopedic surgery to hold bone fragments in place while they heal, or to hold bones in the correct position during a surgical procedure. They are also used in plastic and reconstructive surgery to hold skin flaps or grafts in place.

Proper use of Kirschner retractors requires careful positioning and adjustment to avoid damage to surrounding tissues and organs. They are typically sterilized after each use to prevent infection.

Catalog Reference

07-1050 Kirschner Retractor with folding frame & 2 Blades of each
07-1051 Kirschner Retractor Blade 50x65mm
07-1052 Kirschner Retractor Blade 50x65mm
07-1053 Kirschner Retractor Blade 42x55mm
07-1054 Kirschner Retractor Blade 42x55mm
07-1060 Kirschner Retractor with Vaulted fixed frame & 2 Blades of each
07-1061 Kirschner Retractor Blade 300x380mm Frame only, over-sized
07-1062 Kirschner Retractor Blade 320x300mm Frame only,
07-1070 Kirschner Retractor Blade 64x80mm
07-1080 Kirschner-Balfour Retractor Blade 80x82mm
07-1090 Kirschner Retractor Blade 90x69mm
07-1091 Kirschner Retractor Blade 92x95mm
07-1092 Kirschner Retractor Blade 78x58mm
07-1100 Kirschner Retractor Blade 108x42mm
07-1101 Kirschner Retractor Blade 91x55mm
07-1102 Kirschner Retractor Blade 121x55mm

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