Dissecting Knives Amputation

A full range of Dissecting Knives used in amputation are available.

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Dissecting knives are precision cutting instruments used in anatomy and biology to dissect, cut or slice delicate biological specimens such as animals, plants, and tissues. They usually have a sharp blade and a pointed tip for precise cuts, and can come in various shapes and sizes to fit different dissecting needs. The handle of a dissecting knife is designed to provide a comfortable grip for extended use, and can be made from a variety of materials including metal, plastic, or wood.

Catalog Reference

Dissecting Knives
Cat.# 02-470 Ayre Dissecting Knife 23.5cm Cone Knife
Cat.# 02-480 Dissecting Knife 23cm Cone Knife
Cat.# 02-490 Segond Dissecting Knife 27cm Myomatome
Cat.# 02-500 Olivecrona Dissecting Knife 20.5cm Trigeminal Knife
Cat.# 02-510 Dissecting Knife 23cm Rigeminal Knife
Cat.# 02-520 Flower Dissecting Knife 20cm Tonsil Knife
Cat.# 02-530 Abraham Dissecting Knife 23cm Tonsil Knife
Cat.# 02-540 Brunings Dissecting Knife 21.5cm Tonsil Knife
Cat.# 02-550 Dieffenbach Dissecting Knife 13cm
Cat.# 02-560 Dieffenbach Dissecting Knife 13cm Curved
Cat.# 02-570 Somin Dissecting Knife 23.5cm
Cat.# 02-571 Somin Dissecting Knife 23.5cm Fig.1
Cat.# 02-572 Somin Dissecting Knife 23.5cm Fig.2
Cat.# 02-573 Somin Dissecting Knife 23.5cm Fig.3
Cat.# 02-574 Somin Dissecting Knife 23.5cm Fig.4

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