Gynecology Speculum Graves Vaginal Specula

Vaginal Speculum is used to dilate the vagina to examine the vaginal canal and cervix.

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A Graves speculum, also known as a Graves vaginal speculum or simply a Graves speculum, is a medical instrument used in gynecology to examine the cervix and vagina. It is named after its inventor, J. Marion Sims, who was a 19th-century American physician.

The Graves speculum consists of two hinged blades or bills that are shaped somewhat like a duck's beak. These blades are inserted into the vaginal canal and then gently separated to hold the vaginal walls apart, allowing the healthcare provider to visualize the cervix and perform various gynecological procedures such as Pap smears, biopsies, or IUD insertions.

There are different sizes and designs of speculums available to accommodate variations in patient anatomy and the specific needs of the procedure. The Graves speculum is one of the commonly used types, along with the Pederson speculum and the Cusco speculum.
It's important to note that a speculum examination should be performed by a trained healthcare provider in a clinical setting and with the patient's informed consent. The use of speculums is a routine part of gynecological care and plays a crucial role in women's health screenings and examinations.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Speculum, vaginal, self-retaining.
  2. See Martin Catalogue no. 24 Ref: 32 130 02.
  3. Double blade with a screw mechanism to keep the blades open.
  4. Blade length: approx. 95 mm.
  5. Blade width: approx. 35 mm.
  6. Material: Austenitic steel (non-quenched, non-magnetic steel).
  7. Austenitic steel composition: 16 - 18% chromium; 10 - 14% nickel; 2 - 3% molybdenum.
  8. Reusable.

Catalog Numbers & Sizes

  1. 14-110 small 75x20mm
  2. 14-111 medium 95x35mm
  3. 14-112 large 115x35mm

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