Williams Discectomy Retractor Left Pattern.

Williams-style discectomy retractors Narrow. Overall length 7in (17.8cm). Left hook, blade 50mm x 10mm.

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A discectomy retractor is a surgical instrument specifically designed for use in spinal surgery during a discectomy procedure. A discectomy is a surgical operation performed to remove part or all of a herniated or damaged intervertebral disc in the spine, which can cause symptoms like pain, numbness, and weakness due to pressure on the spinal nerves.

The primary purpose of a discectomy retractor is to gently and precisely retract or hold back the surrounding tissues and structures to provide the surgeon with a clear view and access to the affected disc. These retractors are essential in ensuring that the surgical site remains well-illuminated and that the surgeon can perform the procedure safely and effectively.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Dimension 7" 20x70mm
  2. Left Pattern
  3. Double blade with a screw mechanism to keep the blades open.
  4. Material: German Surgical Stainless Steel
  5. Reusable

Catalog Numbers & Sizes

  • 14-110 small 75x20mm

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